Tuesday, 11 August 2009

TOREY HAYDEN Just Another Kid

A dramatic and remarkable narrative of an extraordinary teacher's determination, from the author of the "Sunday Times" bestsellers "The Tiger's Child" and "One Child". Torey Hayden faced six emotionally troubled kids no other teacher could handle - three recent arrivals from battle-torn Northern Ireland, badly traumatised by the horrors of war; an eleven-year-old boy, who only knew life inside an institution; an excitable girl, aggressive and sexually precocious at the age of eight; and seven-year-old Leslie, perhaps the most hopeless of all, unresponsive and unable to speak. But Torey's most daunting challenge turns out to be Leslie's mother, a stunning young doctor who soon discovers that she needs Torey's love and help just as much as the children. "Just Another Kid" is a beautiful illustration of nurturing concern, not only for a few emotionally disturbed children, but for one woman facing a personal battle.

'An enchanting, inspiring book! Impossible to put down.' Washington Post Book World

'Torey Hayden's book "Just Another Kid" is not just another book. Though each page turns on the mysteries of emotional disturbance, sex, alcoholism, violence and crime of all dimensions, the reader emerges from the experience convinced the world can be loving, caring, warm and orderly.' New York Times Book Review

'Hayden's books are unapologetic tear-jerkers.' Times T2

'Torey Hayden deserves the kind of respect I can't give many people. She isn't just valuable, she's incredible. The world needs more like Torey Hayden.' Boston Globe

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