Monday, 10 August 2009

JODI PICOULT Perfect Match

After years of dealing with abused children and their families and working her damnedest to bring the perpetrators to justice, assistant district attorney Nina Frost takes a while to recognise the signs of abuse in her only child. When five-year-old Nathanial stops speaking and finally, through sign language, identifies his abuser, Nina takes the law into her own hands. And so begins a fast and furious tale of twists and turns--just when you think you’ve got it covered, you move at right-angles and a new reality emerges.

Perfect Match delivers what Picoult fans would expect--intelligent, polished writing that feels so real and natural you might forget it’s fiction. Once again, she covers the familiar themes of love--here specifically parent and partner relationships--and what happens to ordinary people when the extraordinary turns their world upside-down. Her research is as impeccable as ever--Nina is believable as a DA and the court-room scenes feel like the real thing. The everyday details of modern family life are set against the life-shattering events that ordinary people come to believe they are immune from as Picoult explores the boundaries of decency, bravery and betrayal and the consequences of believing, if only for a split second, that you and your family deserve more.

Harga Kami: RM17.50 (USED)

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