Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Bad Girls is Jacqueline Wilson's eighth title. Her previous books include The Suitcase Kid which won the 1993 Children's book Award, and Double Act, which won both the Smarties Prize and the Children's Book Award in 1995. Bad Girls deals lightly but sensitively with the terrible pain suffered by a 10-year-old girl when she becomes the victim of vicious bullying at school. When the over- protected, intelligent Mandy is cast out by her so called girl "friends" at school she takes up with trendy, cheerful, 14-year-old Tanya. Because Mandy reminds Tanya of her much-loved kid sister in care and because she too is lonely the two quickly become best friends. But Tanya's unhappy life has made her turn to petty crime and before long Mandy finds herself in deep waters. Bad Girls is a delightful and important book. Brightly written and amusingly illustrated by Nick Sharratt it deals very well indeed with difficult emotional and social issues.

Title: Bad Girls
Author: Jacqueline Wilson
Harga Kami: RM8.50

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