Thursday, 12 November 2009

STEPHEN KING Four Past Midnight

King brings us another book of short stories (except these are rather longer than usual). These stories are really some of Kings best work (but isn't all his work). The First Story 'The Langoliers' is an excellent story about a plane journey back through time of 15 minutes. And we find out what King thinks happens to the past....SO well written! The second story 'Secret Window,Secret Garden' is about a famous writer, who one day receives a call at his door by a man claming he stole his short story. Our writer protests he didn't but that's not good enough for JOHN SHOOTER...Brilliant twist at the end! 'The Libary Police' is the third story but this synopsis is getting to long, so let me just say both the next two stories ('The Sun Dog' being the final one) are both REALLY good, and King as usual writes to scare the pants off of you.

Harga: RM20.00

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